Thursday, November 17, 2011

Got it goin on Video

Enjoy folks. We back in this :) Starr Sounds Asia!

Got it goin on Lyrics

whats good world. As u can see, I havent blogged in ages. Forgive me :)
But im back in it :)

GOT IT GOIN ON LYRICS (To everybody who been asking me this)

Verse one-
Kid, kudi these bars but dont get drunk,
I havent set sail but your ship all sunk?
We own the court and bully you punks,
F a freethrow! I'ma jordan slam dunk,
Its a poor man's grind but the rich man ethics,
Do make your choice and step into the matrix,
Hear the sermons or dry like a leaf,
I'm a hindu so dont serve me no beef,
Ask yourself and tell me who's who,
By the way, how does it feel to be number two,
Yall keep trying, we do or die,
Yall off balance, we hit the bull's eye,
I breathe all red like Vader's light saber,
Till I fell in love with spotlights like a hater,
I stay hungry like i'ma bout to break fast,
We calm like its Ramadhan but fast with the cash

But its okay to be broke before you became rich, b****

Macha, Magic x4
See i, See i got it, I got it goin on
And this macha he got it goin in

All my macha's gather round if you got it goin on!

Verse two-
I send the starr sound, crack house inner city memo,
Shit on these rappers like you my toilet bowl,
F what you say if you 40% hater,
I only got love for p**** and paper,
Feel the higher power, demi god soldier,
Im pius like a priest, get these rappers on their knees,
Face defeat, hand over the keys,
Ask your favourite rapper, im his favourite artiste,
You know the steez,
Ice cold bucket, swag with crooked teeth,
Im not a drug addict but greener than these addicts,
Im not E.T but i came from the orbit,
You're like me five years ago,
Your new song sounds like Kashmir's flow,
Your new chick looks like my ex-hoe,
I'm the real voice, you just the echo!

Repeat Chorus

Monday, November 22, 2010


Guest must be dressed in WHITE or INDIAN traditional costume.

Believe it or not, DOORS OPEN AT 9PM & WE CLOSE AT 5AM.

Music Direction by DJ Biggie. Jams from Illaiyaraja to Swizz Beats to Indian Folk to Retro Old School to Malaysian Music.

Emcee / Performer of the night: Balan Kashmir and Navigate Muzik.

Organizers suggest couple entry only but please have a balanced crowd of girls and boys if you arrive in groups.

If you wanna party in a secured venue, grooving to a celeberation playlist of music, do make an appearance this 27th November to Vanity and rub shoulders with the urban indian scene of KL. With performances from Balan Kashmir and music direction by DJ Biggie, THE Future is a kick start to more urban indian events lined up for 6 month targeting the young and urban indian crowd.

Behave at White Diwali or Do Not Come. We would like to party in a celebration manner, so please save all the drama.

Shy people are suggested to stay home. Bring your group of friends and join the FUTURE. Everyone is equal and partying under the same colour.

To make confirmation contact :

Balan Kashmir
TEXT 016-3604151 or FB Private MSG.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Journal * 37 - Goodwheels @ ONE UTAMA





Join our journey to spread goodness across Malaysia by pledging your goodwill's message for charity. For every name received, we'll donate RM0.50 to selected children's homes!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Journal 36 * Altimet - SYUKUR MTV

This guy has guided me alot throughout the early years of my musical journey. Still one of the nicest emcee on the microphone and rappers, holla at A.L for the best ghostwrting service. Like he said "I'll make your shit tighter"

Word Life. Check his brand new video 'SYUKUR' and click here to show him some love.

Journal 35 * One step at a time

Feb and March been full of surprises and shocking reactions from listeners out there.


I was in Penang for a 3 day holiday two weeks back with DJ Mastermind and couple of other friends and yo, when you touch down the G-Town- Holla at Psycho Unit. Them boys really know how to kick it and have fun. Good food, good people and good drive up and down :) Thanks for the hospitality and to all the fans i met out there, thanks for hollering at your macha. The show was awesome even tough i was not supposed to be part of the line up. What a surprise it was for the folks out there and the charity part, psycho unit really know how to gets it done. Everybody out there who wanna do charity, learn for this folks. They nailed it pretty well.
KL chapter, coming soon ay Rabbit and Syze?

Chilling with PsychoUnit Familia

I scream 'Parthu' like Diwan

Live on stage, Penang

Moment in history
Rabbit Mac re-introducing Kashmir on stage by surprise


Since i started performing, this opening slot would be my biggest show. That dude ISHQ has done songs with some of the biggest name in Bollywood so it was quite an experience meeting him and opening the show for he and his crew. The sound check went as planned and all the artiste including ISHQ was there on time to make it happen. Everyone gathered back at 10pm and by 11.30, Mist club has packed in 600 people atleast. And guess what, Balan Kashmir and Shab'd Clique was the first rap act to start performing :)

The place was filled with our punjabi masses so i didn't know performing MARIA would be a great idea but it worked. They enjoyed the show and my dhol players, DHOL Federation from Ipoh was sick with the drums. Thank you fellas and we could perform live some other time too. Keeran-D and Dareyno went up after us and put on a killer show. Hats off.

I couldn't catch the full show of ISHQ cause we had to leave early cause had to meet some important friends back in klang. Overall, DJ Mastermind, Shab'd Clique and me had an experience of a lifetime and will remember it :) Shout out to RA Global and Sukhi Klang for inviting us for this show.

Pictures courtesy of Miss Amreet and Belvin Gill from Facebook

Performing MARIA with the DHOL killers

Ajitt of Shb'd Clique speaking to the punjabi masses

Me and Shab'd Clique kicking off the showcase

AY AY we back in this

Them punjabi Masses
Chak De

Gotta talk to em

And last but not least
The man that keeps the puzzle together
Cant never thank him enough

Good night world
Gotta rest

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Journal 34 * Tamil Hiphop goin worldwide

Our Malaysian tamil rappers have been hitting India for like 3 years now and doing songs for movies. First was DR. Burn. Then Yogi B, Emcee Jesz and Boomerang X.

Recently, our very own Bullet Benjamin and PsychoMantra did a song with a Sri Lankan rapper, Iraj. Its not for a movie but for Iraj's upcoming album i suppose.

Thumbs up for Bullet and Mantra.

Journal 33 * Road to Zion

Whats good. I know i havent gotten the time to blog for a while now.

To be honest since Thaipusam was over, I've been doing shows and getting more calls for more shows. R Records artiste night at Laundry Bar was fun and challenging. Big shout out to that kid KRAFT for joining me on stage and rocking an Indian number. He actually wrote a verse on top of Maria's instrumental and performed it before i hit the stage with DJ Mastermind and Alex Subryn.

Valentine Eve function was great too. Met loads of VIP's from the Indian community and to my surprise they actually dig rap music and enjoyed a good 2 minute freestyling session. Haha, watch out yall.. MIC might have a rap anthem soon to win over the youth's of the nation. My date went well, felt like a high school kid getting ready for the event. What's good H. Thanks for making the date fun :) I wont be late anymore.

Ishq Bector show is in 2 weeks time and it's my biggest show since i started performing solo. Ishq is a world class entertainer and done songs for people in the Bollywood industry and rapped alongside Abishek Bachan and Malikat Sherawat. Dude even freestyled with John Cena when he made a trip down to India. The advert for the showcase should be up by this week and dont worry, I will not forget to upload it.

Speak soon, world. I be gone for a minute/

Friday, January 22, 2010

Journal 32 * Joe Flizzow Do It, Duit Video

Yall gotta check the video out. The President got the campaign going strong.

Big ups to Kartel Records and PhuturePhlow for this. Whuttup YZ.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Journal 31 * Balan Kashmir @ The COOL RUNNINS


It's BOB MARLEY 65th Birthday Bash


Sasi The Don
Alex Subryn
Balan Kashmir
King Lhota

Event: Cool Runnins
Date: 6 February 2010
Venue: Reggae Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Cover Charge: RM30

Call/ SMS HANS (0122887871) or email or

Brought to you by Reggae Bar@ Changkat Bukit Bintang & Island Talk Asia!

For more info: click here

Journal 31 * 2010 and you dont stop

2010 been fair so far. And it's only 14 days in :P

Pics from New Year's Party at Kota Kinabalu with DJ Monkey :) Yo, shoutout to Walfred & Ray Moo. Too much of tequilla is bad for your health yo. And kenny, thanks for coming up all the way from KL just to get drunk in KK and passing out early.





1am rocking with Shawn Lee, the small boy with BIG sounds

Call Kashmir if you need the ONE

10.30pm. Before the whole thing started.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Journal * 30 - Happy 2010 and it's a wrap

Its been a great year. No joke cause i always wished i did more when i reach this part of every year but 2009, it's a great run. Felt like jogging on my victory lap.

But i got miles to go before the finish line.

The beginning of 2009 was absolutely cloudy cause i really didn't know what was in store. I just stopped working and felt like i was better off working for myself and for people who believed in me. Recorded 'Maria', 'Alone' and 'Take Your Time' under D'navigator guidance which helped me see beyond my potential. Elvira's Simple Love and Kementerian Belia's Satu Suara was a bonus, i would say. I could finally stand on my own and feel comfortable about it. I answered to myself and nobody else had the balls to boss me around. Respect was found and Macha magic was discovered.

But i got miles to go before the finish line.

New friends, new partners, new clubs, new structure of business and etc. Everything felt new cause the outlook was clearer compared to the early cloudy 09. By the middle of the year, many blueprint was designed for success and patience was one of the key element. Without it, you're just meant to fail. Timing for Maria CD release came unprepared but the outcome was as expected. The track brought the home more loyal supporters and thankful hiphop heads. Haters were there but they didnt know the fam was aware :)

But we still had miles to go before the finish line.

It's almost the end of the beautiful year and loads of unforgettable memories for the diary. Gotta thank each and everyone who made a difference and helped me believe, SKY'S THE LIMIT.

I'll see yall next year. HAPPY 2010 and have a great one. Blessings from me and the whole family.

Peace, One.

p/s- I still got miles to go before the finish line but i know i be there :)

DECEMBER in Rear-View

Prem Peachy, Kashmir, Navigator

Raj Stevie, Mastermind Def, Kashmir Speech

Kashmir and Macha Magics @ Bukit Jalil

Backstage with B'Squarez and Macha Magics

Salute, Kashmir and Rabbit Mac.

The 'MARIA' remix All-Stars

The Don Dada and Kid Kudi

Rock vs Hiphop Showcase with Diwan, Rabbit, Rahjula, Mastermind & Magen

Island Talk and I-AM-MUSIC at Aatam 100 Vagai Finals

Harmini and Kashmir.
Check the bling, yo.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Journal * 29 - Balan Kashmir on JUICEonline

My man, Kevin Yeoh picked the CD from me early last month. I just realized he blogged about it on JuiceOnline. Good looking out, champ.

Check it out HERE

Journal * 28 - The wind from the past

What's good, world.

I was talking to a friend who i haven't spoken in years. To be honest, both of us have our own history and as we spoke without releasing time was flying, we realized something. We both like the same Indonesian rock song. After all these years, GOD.

I got loads of Malay friends since young and they always ask me 'why this song?' but i could never answer them. Never knew why but there's something about this ballad. She never understood it as well.

Hey YOU, you deserve nothing but the best. Don't you ever forget that. God bless.

Good night, world.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Journal 27 * Gone till December

Kughan & Sheena Wedding Dinner

The beautiful couple dancing to our version of 'Wonderful Tonight'

Alex and Balan Kashmir freestyling with their weapon of choice

Keeping it YINDIAN at the wedding dinner afterparty

Balan Kashmir onstage with G'z Anand of B-Squarez

The playboy DJ Mastermind :)

Bomb Shelter @ Cloth and Clef

Balan Kashmir & DJ Mastermind

Kondattam time with Jin Hackman

Teaching Jon how to do the 'Dappa' dance

Bombing the shelter

ALC Charity Night

B-boy stance with DJ Mastermind's mum

The Macha Magics Familia

Journal 26 * Maria CD Launch

Helo Bali Sunway

Back for the first time on stage

Balan Kashmir kicking start the launch.

Balan Kashmir introducing Joanna, the girl on the cover of MARIA cd

Phillyroca, Vixx Jam, Kraft, DJ Joe and the Ladies

With family of Macha Magics, Kraft and MC Rishi

Champagne Dreams part one with Dhanush Primitive

The familia

Doing the 'Dappa' dance. True macha magic

The Boss Ladiez

Champagne Dream part 2 with Shyam

Just wanna thank everybody who came out that night.

Sky's the limit